International Journal of Communication invites you to read these 22 papers that published in September

International Journal of Communication invites you to read these 22 papers that published in September

The International Journal of Communication is pleased to announce the publication of 22 papers in SEPTEMBER 2022. To access these papers, Ctrl+Click on the titles below for direct hyperlinking.


Why Do Fact-Checking Organizations Go Beyond Fact-Checking? A Leap Toward Media and Information Literacy Education
Mehmet Fatih Çömlekçi 

Press “Taboos” and Media Policy: West German Trade Unions and the Urge to Gain Media Attention During the Era of Press Concentration
Maria Löblich, Niklas Venema

Localizing Graphic Design in a Global Media Environment: A Visual Social Semiotic Analysis of Vogue 
Melissa McMullen

Representation and Recognition: The Perceptions of Finnish and Spanish Viewers of Their Media Ecosystems and Public Service Newscasts
María Lamuedra Graván, Elisa Alonso, Marko Ala-Fossi

Extending the Reminiscence Bump Effect in Nostalgic Advertising from the United States to South Korea 
Ilyoung Ju, Eunjin (Anna) Kim, Susan Bluck, Jong Woo Jun

Sincerity Over Accuracy: Epistemic Preferences and the Persuasiveness of Uncivil and Simple Rhetoric 
Chiara Vargiu, Alessandro Nai

Media and Grassroots Activism for the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals: A Study of Postcolonial Macau From 2002 to 2021
Min Xu

Comparative Perspectives on the Link Between News Media Consumption and Attitudes Toward Immigrants: Evidence From Europe, the United States, and Colombia
David De Coninck, Willem Joris, Maria Duque, Seth J. Schwartz, Leen d’Haenens

The Rear Window Effect: How Users Respond to Political Discussions and Persuasive Discourses in Social Media
Beatriz Jordá, Manuel Goyanes

From Fork Hands to Microchips: An Analysis of Trending #CovidVaccine Content on TikTok
Monique Lewis, Susan Grantham

Engagement in Newspaper Newsrooms: A View From the Editors in Chief
Cristóbal Benavides, Alfonso Vara, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, Juan-Ignacio Brito

“Let’s Check it Seriously”: Localizing Fact-Checking Practice in China
Yusi Liu, Ruiming Zhou


Home-No-Home: Academic Immigrants in the Fields of Communication
Dafna Lemish


Darryl Hocking, The Impact of Everyday Language Change on the Practices of Visual Artists 
Qiuying Zhao 

H. Dan O’Hair and Mary John O’Hair (Eds.), Communicating Science in Times of Crisis: COVID-19 Pandemic
Ronald Douglas Aiken II

Robyn Blakeman, Advertising Design by Medium: A Visual and Verbal Approach
Meimei Xiang, Renhua Zheng

Tiffany Petricini, Friendship and Technology: A Philosophical Approach to Computer-Mediated Communication
Miao Hao

Silvia Pettini, The Translation of Realia and Irrealia in Game Localization: Culture-Specificity Between Realism and Fictionality
Chenjing Li

Susanna Paasonen, Feona Attwood, Alan Mckee, John Mercer, and Clarissa Smith, Objectification: On the Difference between Sex and Sexism
Di Wang

Tero Karppi, Urs Stäheli, Clara Wieghorst, and Lea P. Zierott, Undoing Networks
Yao Yao

Katarzyna Kopecka-Piech and Bartłomiej Łódzki (Eds.), The Covid-19 Pandemic as a Challenge for Media and Communication Studies
Wenliang Chen

Amit Pinchevski, Echo
Jérôme Bourdon

Larry Gross, Editor
Arlene Luck, Founding Managing Editor  
Kady Bell-Garcia, Managing Editor
Chi Zhang, Managing Editor, Special Sections

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