International Journal of Communication announces the publication of 28 papers that published in August

International Journal of Communication invites you to read these 28 papers that published in August

The International Journal of Communication is pleased to announce the publication of 28 papers in AUGUST 2022, which includes the “Special Section on Media and Uncertainty.” To access these papers, Ctrl+Click on the titles below for direct hyperlinking or go to to read the Special Section.


Journalistic Roles and News Framing: A Comparative Framing Analysis of COVID-19 Pandemic Across China, South Korea, and the United States
Bin Chen, Gyo Hyun Koo

Brands Are Human on Social Media: The Effectiveness of Human Tone-of-Voiceon Consumer Engagement and Purchase Intentions Through Social Presence
Hyun Ju Jeong, Deborah S. Chung, Jihye Kim 

Whose Voices Count?: Sourcing U.S. American Television News About the World
David C. Oh, Omotayo O. Banjo, Nancy A. Jennings 

Visualizing Politics in Indonesia: The Design and Distribution of Election Posters
Colm A. Fox 

Toward an Employee Communication Mediation Model: Exploring the Effects of Social Media Engagement on Employee–Organization Relationships and Advocacy
Yuan Wang, Yang Cheng, William J. Gonzenbach

Evaluating the Influence of Metaphor in News on Foreign-Policy Support
Kathleen Ahrens, Christian Burgers, Yin Zhong 

Influence of Fake News Exposure on Perceived Media Bias: The Moderating Role of Party Identity
Alberto Ardèvol-Abreu

“Pivoting to Instability”: Metajournalistic Discourse, Reflexivity and the Economics and Effects of a Shrinking Industry
Patrick Ferrucci, Michelle Rossi 

Affective Networked Space: Polymedia Affordances and Transnational Digital Communication Among the Rohingya Diaspora
Abdul Aziz

Mapping the Global Audiences of Russia’s Domestic News: How Social Networks Function as Transmitters of Authoritarian News to Foreign Audiences
Julia Kling

Thirty Years After the German Reunification—Exploring Stereotypes About East Germans on Twitter
Maximilian Zehring, Emese Domahidi             

Mediatization Research and Causality: Toward a Critical Realist Ontology
Sebastián Ansaldo

Making the COVID-19 Pandemic Visible: The Power of Grassroots Mapping Initiatives 
Adriana de Souza e Silva 

Consumptive News Feed Curation on Social Media: A Moderated Mediation Model of News Interest, Affordance Utilization, and Friending 
Yan Su, Xizhu Xiao, Porismita Borah, Xin Hong, Chang Sun

The Role of a Bystander in Targets’ Perceptions of Teasing Among Friends: Are You Really Teasing Me? 
Ildo Kim, Nicholas A. Palomares 

Now Dating on Steroids: Play and Nostalgia in the Mediatization of Gay Cruising in the Philippines
Randy Jay Canillo Solis


Samuel Mateus (Ed.), Media Rhetoric: How Advertising and Digital Media Influence Us
Kincső Szabó

Katarzyna Kopecka-Piech and Bartłomiej Łódzki (Eds.), The Covid-19 Pandemic as a Challenge for Media and Communication Studies
Zhang Keren

Lawrence R. Samuel, Freud on Madison Avenue: Motivation Research and Subliminal Advertising in America
Hannah Block

Paul Baker and Gavin Brookes, Analysing Language, Sex and Age in a Corpus of Patient Feedback: A Comparison of Approaches
Qiuying Zhao

Alexander Monea, The Digital Closet: How the Internet Became Straight 
Tyler Quick

Zachary J. McDowell and Matthew A. Vetter, Wikipedia and the Representation of Reality 
Isabelle Langrock 

Larry Gross, Editor
Arlene Luck, Founding Managing Editor  
Kady Bell-Garcia, Managing Editor
Chi Zhang, Managing Editor, Special Sections

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