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The International Journal of Communication has published 11 papers in JULY 2017. To access these papers, please Ctrl+Click on the article titles below or go to


What Communication Scholars Write About: An Analysis of 80 Years of Research in High-Impact Journals
Elisabeth Günther, Emese Domahidi

The Morality and Political Antagonisms of Neoliberal Discourse: Campbell Brown and the Corporatization of Educational Justice
Leon A. Salter, Sean Phelan

How Does Political Satire Influence Political Participation? Examining the Role of Counter- and Pro-Attitudinal Exposure, Anger, and Personal Issue Importance
Hsuan-Ting Chen, Chen Gan, Ping Sun

Residual and Resurgent Protestantism in the American Media (and Political) Imaginary
Stewart M. Hoover

Examining the Relationship Between Presumed Influence of U.S. News About China and the Support for the Chinese Government’s Global Public Relations Campaigns
Ran Wei, Ven-hwei Lo, Guy Golan

Framing Political News in the Chilean Press: The Persistence of the Conflict Frame
Maria Elena Gronemeyer, William Porath

Does Receiving or Providing Social Support on Facebook Influence Life Satisfaction? Stress as Mediator and Self-Esteem as Moderator
Yixin Chen, Richard S. Bello

U.S. Embassy Support for Hollywood’s Global Dominance: Cultural Imperialism Redux
Paul Moody

Framing Climate Change: A Content Analysis of Chinese Mainstream Newspapers from 2005 to 2015
Jingjing Han, Shaojing Sun, Yanqin Lu



Jason Stanley, How Propaganda Works
Oliver Boyd-Barrett

Paul Lynch and Nathaniel Rivers (Eds.), Thinking with Bruno Latour in Rhetoric and Composition
Maia Nichols


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