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The International Journal of Communication has published 17 papers in August 2017. To access these papers, please Ctrl+Click on the article titles below or go to


Social Media as a Platform for Incessant Political Communication: A Case Study of Modi’s “Clean India” Campaign
Usha M. Rodrigues, Michael Niemann

The Importance of Cultural Proximity in the Success of Turkish Dramas in Qatar
Miriam Berg 

Race and Police Brutality: The Importance of Media Framing
Kim Fridkin, Amanda Wintersieck, Jillian Courey, Joshua Thompson

Do Arabs Really Read Less? “Cultural Tools” and “More Knowledgeable Others” as Determinants of Book Reliance in Six Arab Countries
Justin D. Martin, Ralph J. Martins, Shageaa Naqvi

Resounding News: The Acoustic Conventions of Israeli Newscasts
Hadar Levy, Amit Pinchevski

Are Half of Latin Americans Not Online? A Four-Country Study of Reasons for Internet Non-Adoption
Hernan Galperin

The Defining Approaches and Practical Paradox of Sensitive Data: An Investigation of Data Protection Laws in 92 Countries and Regions and 200 Data Breaches in the World
Min Wang, Zuosu Jiang

Effects of Message Repetition and Negativity on Credibility Judgments and Political Attitudes
Nicole Ernst, Rinaldo Kühne, Werner Wirth

Who’s Bad? Attitudes Toward Resettlers From the Post-Soviet South Versus Other Nations in the Russian Blogosphere
Svetlana S. Bodrunova, Olessia Koltsova, Sergey Koltcov, Sergey Nikolenko  

“We Are All Fighters”: The Transmedia Marketing of Difference in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
Jennifer McClearen

The Cultural Cold War Goes “Vulgar”: Radio Serial Melodrama in Post–Korean War South Korea, 1956–1960
Bohyeong Kim

 Personal and Public Levels of Political Incivility
Ashley Muddiman

A Noneventful Social Movement: The Occupy Wall Street Movement’s Struggle Over Privately Owned Public Space
Hao Cao

Access to Rabat: De Jure Policies and De Facto Realities in Moroccan Newspaper Coverage of the February 20 Movement and Constitutional Reforms, 2011–2012
Bradley C. Freeman

“I Don’t Care About Politics, I Just Like That Guy!” Affective Disposition and Political Attributes in Information Processing of Political Talk Shows
Carina Weinmann, Franziska S. Roth, Frank M. Schneider, Tanja Krämer, Frederic R. Hopp, Melanie J. Bindl, Peter Vorderer

How Political Conflict Shapes Online Spaces: A Comparison of Climate Change Hyperlink Networks in the United States and Germany
Thomas Häussler, Silke Adam, Hannah Schmid-Petri, Ueli Reber

Credibility Gaps and Public Opinion in a Competitive Media Environment: The Case of Arab Satellite TV News in Lebanon
Erik C. Nisbet, Magdalena Saldana, Thomas Johnson, Guy Golan, Anita Day


What’s the Difference With “Difference”? Equity, Communication, and the Politics of Difference
Ralina L. Joseph


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