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The International Journal of Communication has published 26 papers in JUNE 2017, including four rebuttal “Features” that engage in a lively exchange from an article that published earlier this year. To access these papers, please Ctrl+Click on the article titles below or go to



The Impact of Conventional and Novel Metaphors in News on Issue Viewpoint
Amber Boeynaems, Christian Burgers, Elly A. Konijn, Gerard J. Steen

Explaining the Islamic State’s Online Media Strategy: A Transmedia Approach
Sara Monaci   

Online Ultra-Orthodox Religious Communities as a Third Space: A Netnographic Study
Sarit Okun, Galit Nimrod

Egypt’s Jon Stewart: Humorous Political Satire and Serious Culture Jamming
Amal Ibrahim, Nahed Eltantawy

Open Privacy Badges for Digital Policy Literacy
Karen Louise Smith, Leslie Regan Shade, Tamara Shepherd

Constructing National Identity Online: The Case Study of #IranJeans on Twitter
Aya Yadlin-Segal

Narrative Persuasion in Historical Films: Examining the Importance of Prior Knowledge, Existing Attitudes, and Culture
Di Cui, Zihan Wang, Arthur Raney

The Effect of Counterexemplars and Victim Expectations on Crime Perceptions and Hostile Attitudes Toward Racial Minorities
Franklin Waddell

Emerging Currents in Communication/LGBTQ Studies: A Review of LGBTQ-Related Articles Published in Communication Journals from 2010 to 2015 Published in Communication Journals from 2010 to 2015
Lik Sam Chan

Exploiting Femininity in a Patriarchal Postfeminist Way: A Visual Content Analysis of Macau’s Tourism Ads
Zhen Sun

Citizenship as a Communicative Construct
Oren Livio

Redefining Relations Between Creators and Audiences in the Digital Age: The Social Production and Consumption of Chinese Internet Literature
Yuyan Feng, Ioana Literat

Linguistic Proximity and Global Flows of Television: A Study With Gatekeepers
Jelle Mast, Kelly de Ruiter, An Kuppens

The Conditional Nature of Presidential Agenda Influence on TV News: The Case of Education
Amber E. Boydstun, Rens Vliegenthart, Marshall Baker

Beyond Film Impact Assessment: Being Caribou Community Screenings as Activist Training Grounds
Shirley Roburn

Comment Counts or News Factors or Both? Influences on News Website Users’ News Selectioners’ News Selection
Ines Engelmann, Manuel Wendelin


A Reply to Faulhaber, Singer, and Urschel’s Curious Tale of Economics and Common Carriage (Net Neutrality) at the FCC
Dwayne Winseck, Jefferson Douglas Pooley

Rebuttal of Reply to Our Paper “The Curious Absence of Economic Analysis at the Federal Communications Commission: An Agency in Search of a Mission”
Gerald R. Faulhaber, Hal J. Singer, Augustus H. Urschel

Wrong, Unsupported and Irrelevant: A Reply to Winseck and Pooley’s “A Curious Tale of Economics and Common Carriage (Net Neutrality) at the FCC”
Mike Montgomery

The Curious Case of the Lack of Balance in the Winseck/Pooley Rebuttal
Tom Galvin


Sara L. McKinnon, Robert Asen, Karma R. Chavez, and Robert Glenn Howard (Eds.), Text + Field: Innovations in Rhetorical Method
Thomas A. Discenna

Mark Lloyd and Lewis Friedland (Eds.), The Communication Crisis in America and How to Fix It
Christopher Ali

Angela Daly, Private Power, Online Information Flows and EU Law: Mind the Gap
Patricia Aufderheide

Chun Wei Choo, The Inquiring Organization: How Organizations Acquire Knowledge & Seek Information
Larry Zhiming Xu

Daphne Skillen, Freedom of Speech in Russia: Politics and Media from Gorbachev to Putin
Darya Novatorova    
Dan Caspi and Nelly Elias (Eds.), Ethnic Minorities in the Holy Land
Catherine Cassara


Thank you for your continuing interest in the work that IJoC publishes.

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Arlene Luck
Managing Editor