International Journal of Communication invites you to read these 38 papers that published in October

International Journal of Communication invites you to read these 38 papers that published in October

The International Journal of Communication is pleased to announce the publication of 38 papers in OCTOBER 2022, which includes the “Special Section on Unsettled Debts: 1968 and the Problem of Historical Memory.” To access these papers, Ctrl+Click on the titles below for direct hyperlinking or go to to read the Special Section.



Environmental Mobilizations Through Online Networks: An Analysis of Environmental Activism on Turkey’s Twittersphere
Burak Doğu, Hayriye Özen, Begüm Pasin

Populists or Influencers? The Use of Facebook Videos by Populist Leaders
Alessandro Gandini, Andrea Ceron, Patrizio Lodetti

Public Relations in Mongolia: The Missing Part on the Global Public Relations Map
Milen Filipov, Aimira Dybyssova

Colonizing the Home as Data-Source: Investigating the Language of Amazon Skills and Google Actions
Louise Marie Hurel, Nick Couldry

Community Storytelling Networks and Empowerment of Migrant Domestic Workers: A Communication Infrastructure Approach
Jeffry Oktavianus, Wan-Ying Lin  

Environmental Communication at a Time of Planetary Crisis: Five Theoretical and Analytical Resources for Academic Research and Practice
Trish Morgan 

BLM Movement Frames Among the Muted Voices: Actor-Generated Infographics on Instagram During #BlackoutTuesday
Kirsten M. Weber, Holly A. V. Smith, Bradley Madsen, Tisha Dejmanee, Zulfia Zaher 

Engagement With Social Media Posts in Experimental and Naturalistic Settings: How Do Message Incongruence and Incivility Influence Commenting?
Xudong Yu, Teresa Gil-López, Cuihua Shen, Magdalena Wojcieszak

International Students’ Direct and Parasocial Contact and Attitudes Toward American Host Nationals: The Mediating Role of Cultural Identification
Teri Terigele, Yan Bing Zhang, Huang Jiang 

Differing Influences of Political Communication: Examining How News Use and Conversation Shape Political Engagement in Nigeria
Oluseyi Adegbola, Sherice Gearhart, Bingbing Zhang

Building Ideal Workplaces: Labor, Affect, and Identity in Tech for Good Projects
Karina Rider

Russian Popular Geopolitics During Crisis and War
Yasemin Y. Celikkol

Anger Yes, Boycott No: Third-Person Effects and the China–U.S. Trade War
Ven-hwei Lo, Liangwen Kuo, Ran Wei, Zongya Li

Ego-Network Difference, Political Communication, and Affective Polarization During Political Contention 
Francis L. F. Lee 

The Impact of Digital Media on Daily Rhythms: Intrapersonal Diversification and Interpersonal Differentiation
Yixin Zhou, Jonathan J. H. Zhu

Social Media Use and Political Consumerism During the U.S.-China Trade Conflict: An Application of the O-S-R-O-R Model
Yanqin Lu, Tanja Vierrether, Qianxi Wu, Morgan Durfee, Peiqin Chen

Testing Risk Information Seeking and Avoidance in the Context of HPV Vaccination: A Comparison of Disease Risks and Vaccine-Related Risks
Soo Jung Hong, Yungwook Kim

Job Satisfaction and Social Media Use: Cognitive Reflection and Journalists’ Utilization in Egypt and the United States
Rasha El-Ibiary, Brian Calfano    

Imagining 5G Networks: Infrastructure and Public Accountability
Robin Mansell, Jean-Christophe Plantin

Mediatized Skill: How Capabilities With Application Software Are Collectively Performed, Perceived, and Organized as Part of Contemporary Media Practices
Frédérik Lesage

Older Adults and “the Biggest Lie on the Internet”: From Ignoring Social Media Policies to the Privacy Paradox
Jonathan A. Obar, Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch

Gender-Based Hate Speech: Contributions to the Global Policy Debate From Latin America
Paulina Godinez, Stephanie Rico, Katharine Sarikakis


The Copyright Claims Board: Good News or Bad News for Communication Scholars? 
Patricia Aufderheide, Aram Sinnreich 


Johanna Sumiala, Mediated Death
Tal Morse

Jacob Mchangama, Free Speech: A History From Socrates to Social Media 
Sue Curry Jansen 

Jérémy Vachet, Fantasy, Neoliberalism and Precariousness: Coping Strategies in the Cultural Industries
Zhang Keren

Mazyar Lotfalian, What People do With Images: Aesthetics, Politics and the Production of Iranian Visual Culture in Transnational Circuits 
Babak Rahimi 

Larry Gross, Editor
Arlene Luck, Founding Managing Editor  
Kady Bell-Garcia, Managing Editor
Chi Zhang, Managing Editor, Special Sections

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