International Journal of Communication announces the publication of 19 papers that published in JULY

International Journal of Communication invites you to read these 19 papers that published in July

The International Journal of Communication is pleased to announce the publication of 19 papers in JULY 2022. To access these papers, Ctrl+Click on the titles below for direct hyperlinking.


Mind the Gap! Journalism on Social Media and News Consumption Among Young Audiences
Jorge Vázquez-Herrero, María-Cruz Negreira-Rey, José Sixto-García

Thematic Analysis and Use of Journalistic Sources in the COVID-19 Crisis: The New York Times, El Universal, and El País
Itziar Bernaola-Serrano, Guadalupe Aguado-Guadalupe

Making Money Public: The Journalistic Construction of the Paycheck Protection Program
Parker Bach, Lana Swartz

American Media, American Mind: Media Impact on Nigerians’ Perceptions
Omotayo O. Banjo, Dirichi Umunna

“She Shoots, He Scores!”: Transgender Disclosure and the Politics of Women’s Ice Hockey
Jackson McLaren

Fighting Disinformation in the 1930s: Clyde Miller and the Institute for Propaganda Analysis
Anya Schiffrin 

Does Exposure to Risk Communication About Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19) Predict Protective Behaviors? Testing the Moderating Role of Optimistic Bias
Hongliang Chen, David Atkin, Qike Jia

Media Consumption and Its Influence on Electoral Political Engagement: An Analysis From the Communication Mediation Model in the Context of the 2021 Mexican Federal Election
Carlos Muñiz 

What Happens in the Eye of the Storm? News Ideology During Media Storms
Doron Shultziner

Sharing Truths About the Self: Theorizing News Reposting on Social Media
Jueni Duyen Tran 

Disinformation as a Widespread Problem and Vulnerability Factors Toward it: Evidence From a Quasi-Experimental Survey in Spain
Roberto Gelado-Marcos, Plácido Moreno-Felices, Belén Puebla-Martínez

Purchasing Diversity: A Media Ecology Analysis on the Recruitment of Newspaper Op-ed Columnists
Nakho Kim, Ho Young Yoon

“Life and Death” on the Internet: Metaphors and Chinese Users’ Experiences of “Account Bombing”
Hui Fang, Shangwei Wu

The Moderating Role of Political Ideology: Need for Cognition, Media Locus of Control, Misinformation Efficacy, and Misperceptions About COVID-19
Porismita Borah

Attacking the Gatekeepers: A Survey Experiment on the Effects of Elite Criticism on the Media 
Patrick F. A. van Erkel, Karolin Soontjens 

Failure to Launch: International Broadcasters as Counter-Hegemonic News
Christopher M. Toula


Vincent Miller, Understanding Digital Culture (2nd ed.)
Admilson Veloso da Silva

Stuart Price and Ben Harbisher (Eds.), Power, Media and the Covid-19 Pandemic:Framing Public Discourse 
Nath Aldalala’a 

Yi Guo, Freedom of the Press in China: A Conceptual History, 1831–1949
Liuchang Tan 

Larry Gross, Editor
Arlene Luck, Founding Managing Editor  
Kady Bell-Garcia, Managing Editor

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