International Journal of Communication invites you to read these 28 papers that published in April

International Journal of Communication invites you to read these 28 papers that published in April

The International Journal of Communication is pleased to announce the publication of 28 papers in APRIL 2022. To access these papers, Ctrl+Click on the titles below for direct hyperlinking.


Values and Media Literacy: Exploring the Relationship Between the Values People Prioritize in Their Life and Their Attitudes Toward Media Literacy 
Simon Chambers, Tanya Notley, Michael Dezuanni, Sora Park 

Twitter and Endorsed (Fake) News: The Influence of Endorsement by Strong Ties, Celebrities, and a User Majority on Credibility of Fake News During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Inyoung Shin, Luxuan Wang, Yi-Ta Lu

Narratives to Increase Prosociality Toward Refugees
Elaine Paravati, Kaitlin Fitzgerald, Melanie C. Green, Cass McAllister, Melissa M. Moore

Discussion Networks and Resilience of College Students: Explicating Tie Strength in Communicative Interaction
Seungyoon Lee, Bailey C. Benedict, Tamara C. Guest 

Geographic Disparities in Knowledge Production: A Big Data Analysis of Peer-Reviewed Communication Publications from 1990 to 2019
Brian Ekdale, Abby Rinaldi, Mir Ashfaquzzaman, Mehrnaz Khanjani, Frankline Matanji, Ryan Stoldt, Melissa Tully

Different Effects on Different Immigrant Groups: Testing the Media’s Role in Triggering Perceptions of Economic, Cultural, and Security Threats From Immigration
Nora Theorin

The Influence of Social Media Discussion on Son Preference in Azerbaijan: Reinforcing Norms, Bargaining With Patriarchy, Space for Dissent
Katy E. Pearce, Dana Donohoe, Kristen Barta, Jessica Vitak

WhatsApp and Digital Astroturfing: A Social Network Analysis of Brazilian Political Discussion Groups of Bolsonaro’s Supporters
Viktor Chagas

(Un)Veiling Our Biases: Activating Religious, Emotional, and Contextual Cues in News Media Representations of Syrian Refugees
Laura P. B. Partain, Andrew J. Weaver

Media Use and Perceived Pollution: Does a Reinforcing Spiral Exist in China?
Yimin Mao

Aadhaar and the Social Credit System: Personal Data Governance in India and China
Ralph Schroeder

When Vaccine Uncertainty Prevails: Association Between Online Social Influence and COVID-19 Vaccine Intentions
Hue Trong Duong, Tham Thi Nguyen, Le Thanh Trieu

Live and Kicking: Digital Live Broadcasting Technologies, Participating Strangers and News Mobility
Jonathan Ilan

Facing Falsehoods: Strategies for Polite Misinformation Correction
Pranav Malhotra, Katy Pearce

A Trade War With or Without Trump: Actual Topical Knowledge as a Moderator of Question Wording Effect on Survey Responses
Gabriel Miao Li, Jack Lipei Tang

Motivated Responsibility Attribution in a Pandemic: Roles of Political Orientation, Perceived Severity, and Construal Level
Xinyan Zhao, Stephanie J. Tsang, Sifan Xu

Concentration of Media Ownership in Indonesia: A Setback for Viewpoint Diversity
Masduki, Leen d’Haenens

Online Dating Beyond Dating Apps: An Exploration of Self-Presentation of Chinese Gay Men Dating on Zhihu
Longxuan Zhao, Jiacheng Liu, Zhanghao Li

“Thou Shalt Not Take the Lord’s Name in Vain”: A Methodological Proposal to Identify Religious Hate Content on Digital Social Networks
Luiz Rogério Lopes-Silva, Rodrigo Eduardo Botelho-Francisco, Paulo Sergio da Conceição Moreira, André José Ribeiro Guimarães

Risk Propensity, News Frames and Immigration Attitudes
Anita Gottlob, Hajo Boomgaarden

Discursive Participation and Group Polarization on Facebook: The Curious Case of Pakistan’s Nationalism and Identity
Fatima Zahid Ali, Sergio Sparviero, Jo Pierson


Political Identity and the Therapeutic Work of U.S. Conservative Media
Anthony Nadler


Melissa Aronczyk and Maria I. Espinoza, A Strategic Nature: Public Relations and the Politics of American Environmentalism
Stephanie Hill

Matthew Powers and Adrienne Russell (Eds.), Rethinking Media Research for Changing Societies
Yangge Zhang

Jen Hoyer and Nora Almeida, The Social Movement Archive
Benjamin Heim Shepard

Sun-ha Hong, Technologies of Speculation: The Limits of Knowledge in a Data-Driven Society 
Paige Anne Von Feldt

Marta Pérez-Escolar and José Manuel Noguera-Vivo (Eds.), Hate Speech and Polarization in Participatory Society
Raymie E. McKerrow

Tarleton Gillespie, Custodians of the Internet: Platforms, Content Moderation, and the Hidden Decisions That Shape Social Media
Krysten Stein
Larry Gross, Editor
Arlene Luck, Founding Managing Editor  
Kady Bell-Garcia, Managing Editor
Kasia Anderson, Managing Editor, Special Sections

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