International Journal of Communication invites you to read these 23 papers that published in AUGUST

International Journal of Communication invites you to read these 23 papers that published in AUGUST

The International Journal of Communication is pleased to announce the publication of 23 papers in AUGUST 2021. To access these papers, Ctrl+Click on the titles below for direct hyperlinking.



The Medium Is the Message: WeChat, YouTube, and Facebook Usage and Acculturation Outcomes
Ran Ju, Leah Hamilton, Matthew McLarnon

“A Sword of Damocles”: Media Policy, Digital Cultures, and the Discourse of Press Code Reform
Annemarie Iddins

Voiceless Victims and Charity Saviors: How U.S. Entertainment TV Portrays Homelessness and Housing Insecurity in a Time of Crisis
David Conrad-Pérez, Caty Borum Chattoo, Aras Coskuntuncel, Lori Young

Intermedia Agenda Setting or International News Flow? Cross-Lagged Comparison of Elite International Newspapers
Shimaa Hassan Ali Mohammed, Maxwell McCombs

Mobile Dating Apps and Racial Preferencing Insights: Exploring Self-Reported Racial Preferences and Behavioral Racial Preferences Among Gay Men Using Jack’d
Lik Sam Chan, Elija Cassidy, Joshua G. Rosenberger

Does Perceived Privacy Influence Patient Satisfaction Among College Students? A Comparative Study of Students at a Kenyan University and at a Large American Midwestern University
Robert G. Nyaga, Grace M. Hildenbrand, Marifran Mattson, Bart W. Collins, Masibo Lumala

Changing Technologies, Changing Lives: Older Adults’ Perspectives on the Benefits of Using New Technologies
Gökçe Karaoglu, Eszter Hargittai, Amanda Hunsaker, Minh Hao Nguyen

“Go, Vote, and Tweet It”: Interactivity in Online Protest-Related Discussions About the 2014 Catalan Referendum for Independence
Teresa Gil-Lopez, Cuihua Shen

Digital Self-Control and the Neoliberalization of Social Media Well-Being
Niall Docherty

Servant Leadership and Employee Advocacy: The Mediating Role of Psychological Empowerment and Perceived Relationship Investment
Patrick David Thelen, Cen April Yue

The Social Construction of Spanish Public Television: The Role and Function of TVE in a Multiplatform Environment
Manuel Goyanes, Carmen Costa-Sánchez, Marton Démeter

Source Credibility Matters: Does Automated Journalism Inspire Selective Exposure?
Chenyan Jia, Thomas J. Johnson

Parental Rejection After Coming Out: Detachment, Shame, and the Reparative Power of Romantic Love
Hye Min Kim, David C. Jeong, Paul R. Appleby, John L. Christensen, Lynn Carol Miller

Being Inside or Outside the Virtuous Circle: How News Media Repertoires Relate to Political Participation Repertoires
Sabine Geers, Rens Vliegenthart

Communications Policy and Cultural Political Economy: Charting the Collapse of the Neoliberal Consensus in the United States
Brian Dolber


Jennifer Burek Pierce, Narratives, Nerdfighters, and New Media
Neil William Perry

Eszter Hargittai (Ed.), Research Exposed: How Empirical Social Science Gets Done in the Digital Age
Jiamin Ye

Wazhmah Osman, Television and the Afghan Culture Wars: Brought to You by Foreigners, Warlords, and Activists
Ngozi Agwaziam-Akinro

Sandra Ristovska, Seeing Human Rights: Video Activism as a Proxy Profession
Aaron Shapiro

Sanjay Asthana, India’s State-Run Media: Broadcasting, Power, and Narrative
Pradip Ninan Thomas

Rebecca de Souza, Feeding the Other: Whiteness, Privilege, and Neoliberal Stigma in Food Pantries
Kellie Brownlee

Henry Jenkins, Comics and Stuff
Ashley Smalls

Yael Warshel, Experiencing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Children, Peace Communication and Socialization
Donald Ellis

Larry Gross, Editor
Arlene Luck, Founding Managing Editor  
Kady Bell-Garcia, Managing Editor
Kasia Anderson, Managing Editor, Special Sections

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