The International Journal of Communication invites you to read these papers that published in MARCH 2017

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The International Journal of Communication has published 41 papers in March 2017 including a Special Section on Digital Storytelling as well as a Special Section on Mediating Asia. To access these papers, please Ctrl+Click on the article titles below or go to


The Relativity of Sociodemographic Determinism on the Digital Divide in High School Students in Ecuador
Ramón Tirado-Morueta, Damian Mendoza-Zambrano, Isidro Marín-Gutiérrez, Mariuxi Mendoza-Zambrano

The Ontology of the Intellectual Commons
Antonios Broumas

 Pivot to Internet Plus: Molding China’s Digital Economy for Economic Restructuring?
Yu Hong

Analyzing the Existence and Relation of Optimistic Bias and First-Person Perception for an Impersonal Environmental Change
Rebecca M. Rogers, Cornelia Wallner, Bernhard Goodwin, Werner Heitland, Wolfgang W. Weisser, Hans-Bernd Brosius

New Urban Players: Stratagematic Use of Media by Banksy and the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement
Paola Monachesi, Marina Turco

Good News in Bad News: How Negativity Enhances Economic Efficacy
Helle Mølgaard Svensson, Erik Albæk, Arjen van Dalen, Claes de Vreese

The Afterlife of Critique: The Communicability of Criticism and the Publicity of Polemic Concerning Public Debate in the Turkish Press
Özgür Gürsoy, Gokcen Karanfil

Celebrity Influence and Young People’s Attitudes Toward Cosmetic Surgery in Singapore: The Role of Parasocial Relationships and Identification
Nainan Wen

The Curious Absence of Economic Analysis at the Federal Communications Commission: An Agency in Search of a Mission
Gerald R. Faulhaber, Hal J. Singer, Augustus H. Urschel

The State of the Field of Social Norms Research
Hillary C. Shulman, Nancy Rhodes, Emily Davidson, Rachel Ralston,
Lorraine Borghetti, Lindsey Morr

Extreme Speech Online: An Anthropological Critique of Hate Speech Debates
Matti Pohjonen, Sahana Udupa

Look Who’s Talking To Our Kids: Representations of Race and Gender In TV Commercials On Nickelodeon
Adam Peruta, Jack Powers

Values and Configuration of Users in the Design of Software Source Code
Stéphane Couture


A Coming Singularity in Media Regulation: The American Case
Russell Neuman

“Coder,” “Activist,” “Hacker”: Aaron Swartz in the Italian, UK, U.S. and Technology Press
Philip Di Salvo


Eszter Hargittai and Christian Sandvig (Eds.), Digital Research Confidential: The Secrets of Studying Behavior Online
Lisa Farman

Deborah A. Macey, Kathleen M. Ryan, and Noah J. Springer (Eds.), How Television Shapes Our Worldview: Media Representations of Social Trends and Change
D.M. Greenwell

Gregory Ferrell Lowe and Fiona Martin (Eds.), The Value of Public Service Media
Luwei Rose Luqiu

Tilman Baumgärtel (Ed.), A Reader in International Media Piracy
Dom Caristi

Joseph D. Straubhaar, Jeremiah Spence, Vanessa Higgins Joyce, Vinicio Sinta, Adolfo Mora, Víctor García, and Luiz G. Duarte, The Evolution of Television: An Analysis of 10 years of TGI  Latin America (2004-2014) (Volume 1)
Sebastião Guilherme Albano

Kate Nash, Craig Hight, and Catherine Summerhayes (Eds.), New Documentary Ecologies: Emerging Platforms, Practices and Discourses
Heather McIntosh

Shi-xu, Kwesi Kwaa Prah, and María Laura Pardo, Discourses of the Developing World: Researching Properties, Problems and Potentials
Geqi Wu

Rahab Nyaga, Dorothy Njoroge and Charles Nyambuga, An Introduction to Communication
Irene Awino, H. Leslie Steeves

Olga Baysha, The Mythologies of Capitalism and the End of the Soviet Project
Oliver Boyd-Barrett

Sara Ahmed, Willful Subjects
Ayanna Serenity Dozier
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