The International Journal of Communication invites you to read these papers that published in APRIL 2017

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The International Journal of Communication has published 23 papers in April 2017. We invite you to read these papers which can be accessed at, or Ctrl+Click on the article title below. We look forward to your feedback!


The Hostile Suffering Effect: Mediated Encounters With the Suffering of Opponents, Recognition, and Moral Concern in Protracted Asymmetrical Conflict
Rotem Nagar, Ifat Maoz

Mainstream Versus Ethnic Media: How They Shape Ethnic Pride and Self-Esteem Among Ethnic Minority Audiences
Srividya Ramasubramanian, Marissa Joanna Doshi, Muniba Saleem

Informed Switchers? How the Impact of Election News Exposure on Vote Change Depends on Political Information Efficacy
Sabine Geers, Linda Bos, Claes H. De Vreese

Putting Out Fire with Gasoline in Tahrir Square: Revisiting the Gamson Hypothesis
Bahaa Gameel, Shuning Lu, Hyeri Jung, Thomas J. Johnson

Valuing Victims: A Comparative Framing Analysis of The Washington Post’s Coverage of Violent Attacks Against Muslims and Non-Muslims
Mohammed el-Nawawy, Mohamad Hamas Elmasry

 Information, Interest, and Ideology: Explaining the Divergent Effects of Government-Media Relationships in Argentina
Eugenia Mitchelstein, Pablo J. Boczkowski

Reading the 13th Five-Year Plan: Reflections on China’s ICT Policy
Yu Hong

Creative Appropriations in Hybrid Spaces: Mobile Interfaces in Art and Games in Brazil
Adriana de Souza e Silva, Fernanda Duarte, Cristiane S. Damasceno

Attributional Chromatics: How Does the Color of Written Communication Affect Interpersonal Perceptions?
Adam S. Richards, Edward L. Fink

Public Spheres of Skepticism: Climate Skeptics’ Online Comments in the German Networked Public Sphere
Jonas Kaiser

Testing the Power of Game Lessons: The Effects of Art Style and Narrative Complexity on Reducing Cognitive Bias
Rosa Mikeal Martey, Adrienne Shaw, Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Kate Kenski, Benjamin Clegg, James Folkestad, Tobi Saulnier, Tomek Strzalkowski

Complex Structures: Meaning Formation amid China’s New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme
Mohan J. Dutta, Kang Sun

Exploring Message Targeting at Home and Abroad: The Role of Political and Media Considerations in the Rhetorical Dynamics of Conflict Resolution
Elie Friedman, Zohar Kampf, Meital Balmas

Colombian Journalists on Twitter: Opinions, Gatekeeping, and Transparency in Political Coverage
Victor Garcia-Perdomo

The Value of Representation: Toward a Critique of Networked Television Performance  Aymar Jean Christian


Journalism Professors in the German Democratic Republic: A Collective Biography
Michael Meyen, Thomas Wiedemann

A Word to Set the Stage for a Memento from the Recent Past
Howard S. Becker


Jiyeon Kang, Igniting the Internet: Youth and Activism in Postauthoritarian South Korea
Steffi Shook

Stephen T. Russell and Stacey S. Horn (Eds.), Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Schooling
Traci Gillig

Christopher Chávez, Reinventing the Latino Television Viewer: Language, Ideology, and Practice
Lindani Mbunyuza-Memani

Patrick Burkart, Pirate Politics: The New Information Policy Contests
Kenneth Merrill

Hongmei Li, Advertising and Consumer Culture in China
Min Wang

Shilpa Davé, LeiLani Nishime, and Tasha Oren (Eds.), Global Asian American Popular Cultures
Cynthia Wang


Thank you for your continuing interest in the work that IJoC publishes.

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Arlene Luck
Managing Editor