IJoC Publishes Special Section on the Hermit Regime

International Journal of Communication

Publishes a Special Section on the Hermit Regime

Hermit Regime

This Special Section on Talking With the ‘Hermit Regime’: North Korea, Media, and Communication  brings together nine original articles and an editorial introduction that pioneer the field of communication research in one of the most under-explored countries in the world. Changes in North Korea —with new communication infrastructure as well as increased diplomatic exchanges with the outside world — have led to hopes of increased communication between the ‘Hermit Regime’ and the outside world.

So how can we conceptualize changes in the media in and about North Korea? And how are the changes in media and journalism impacting diverse communities within North Korea as well as its neighboring countries?  These are the questions this Special Section seeks to answer.

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of current research, the articles in this Special Section come from a wide range of disciplines such as history, cultural studies, psychology and East Asian studies. While many of the issues surrounding news and propaganda in North Korea are unique to the regime, authors show the generalizability of findings with comparative research. Consequently, the Special Section places North Korea on the map of communication research and point to directions for future studies.

We invite you to read this new Special Section of 10 scholarly articles in the International Journal of Communication  that published February 23, 2020. Please Ctrl+Click  on the titles below for direct hyperlinking.


Talking With the Hermit Regime: North Korea, Media, and Communication Editorial Introduction
Seungahn Nah, Soomin Seo

Mapping Communication Research Concerning North Korea: A Systematic Review (2000-2019)
Soomin Seo, Seungahn Nah

Media Liberalization: Control and Consumption of Foreign Media in North Korea, China, and East Germany
Martha Kuhnhenn, Micky Lee, Weiqi Zhang

Penetration and Influence of NK Media: China and Russian Strategic Narratives During the 2017–2018 Nuclear Confrontation
Robert Hinck, Skye C. Cooley

Close Encounters of the Non-Nuclear Kind: The North Korean Publicity Campaign in American Media of the 1970s
Ria Chae

Remaking Imagination: Media and Nation in North Korea
Sunkyung Choi

An Unlikely Seducer: Kim Jong-un’s Charm Offensive from the PyeongChang Winter Olympics until the Trump-Kim Summit
Julia Sonnevend, Youngrim Kim

Is Mr. Kim a “Nuclear Madman” or a “Reasonable Leader”? Media Framing of Kim Jong-un’s Images in South Korean and U.S. Newspapers
Na Yeon Lee, Kanghui Baek, Sun Ho Jeong

What’s Going on in the Korean Peninsula? Perception and Influence of South and North Korea-Related Fake News
Yoo Jung Oh, Ji Youn Ryu, Hee Sun Park

Mobile Media and Its Impacts on Social Change and Human Rights in North Korea
Sunny Yoon


Larry Gross

Arlene Luck
Managing Editor

Seungahn Nah, Soomin Seo
Guest Editors