IJoC Publishes 22 Papers in August 2019

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The International Journal Communication is pleased to announce the publication of 22 papers in August 2019.  To access these papers, please Ctrl+Click on the titles below for direct hyperlinking to these articles.

We are also proud to advise that according to the latest 2019 statistics from Google Scholar, IJoC now ranks 2nd among all Humanities, Literature and Arts journals, and 4th among all Communication journals.



Appealing to the Heart: How Social Media Communication Characteristics Affect Users’ Liking Behavior During the Manchester Terrorist Attack
Xinyan Zhao, Mengqi Monica Zhan

Unpacking the Influence of Informational, Organizational, and Structural Factors on the Longitudinal Change of the NPO Follower-Followee Network on Twitter
Jiawei Sophia Fu

Polls Versus Commenters: Effects of Cross-Cutting Opinion Climates on Cross-Platform Opinion Expression
Elmie Nekmat

Welcome to Korea Day: From Diasporic to Hallyu “Fan-Nationalism”
Irina Lyan

What You See Is What You Know: The Influence of Involvement and Eye
Movement on Online Users’ Knowledge Acquisition

Jörg Haßler, Marcus Maurer, Corinna Oschatz

Media Use, Cross-National Samples, and the Theory of Planned Behavior: Implications for Climate Change Advocacy Intentions
Troy Elias, Mark Blaine, Deborah Morrison, Brandon Harris

News Media Trust and News Consumption: Factors Related to Trust in News
in 35 Countries

Antonis Kalogeropoulos, Jane Suiter, Linards Udris, Mark Eisenegger 

The Knowledge Gap Hypothesis Across Modality: Differential Acquisition of Knowledge From Television News, Newspapers, and News Websites
Mark Boukes, Rens Vliegenthart 

“Shouting Matches and Echo Chambers”: Perceived Identity Threats and Political Self-Censorship on Social Media
Elia Powers, Michael Koliska, Pallavi Guha

Inside the Voter’s Mind: The Effect of Psychometric Microtargeting on Feelings Toward and Propensity to Vote for a Candidate
Lennart J. Krotzek 

Personal–Organizational Processes in Workplace Health Promotion: Understanding Wellness Program Participation in China
Yaguang Zhu, Stephanie L. Dailey

Visibility Through Information Sharing: The Role of Tweet Authors and Communication Styles in Retweeting Political Information on Twitter
Ines Engelmann, Andrea Kloss, Christoph Neuberger, Tobias Brockmann

Proposing a Practical Media Taxonomy for Complex Media Production
Kevin Moloney


Digitizing the Ancestors: Issues in Indigenous Digital Heritage Projects
Nicole Strathman


Three Volumes on Information and Value Communication: A Review Essay
Glenn W. Muschert, Dimitrios Reppas

Robin Andersen, HBO’s Treme and the Stories of the Storm: From New Orleans
as Disaster Myth to Groundbreaking Television

Ke M. Huang

Stephen Cushion and Richard Thomas, Reporting Elections: Rethinking the Logic
of Campaign Coverage

Dorian Hunter Davis

Peter Hart-Brinson, The Gay Marriage Generation: How the LGBTQ Movement Transformed American Culture
Lik Sam Chan

Jonathan Ilan, The International Photojournalism Industry: Cultural Production and the Making and Selling of News Pictures
Tal Morse

Stuart Cunningham and David Craig, Social Media Entertainment: The New Intersection of Hollywood and Silicon Valley
Patricia Aufderheide

Matt Carlson, Journalistic Authority: Legitimating News in the Digital Era
Allie Kosterich

Kishonna L. Gray and David J. Leonard (Eds.), Woke Gaming: Digital Challenges to Oppression and Social Injustice
Adrienne Shaw


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Arlene Luck
Managing Editor