International Journal of Communication invites you to read 52 papers that published SEPTEMBER 2018

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International Journal of Communication
invites you to read these 52 papers that
published in SEPTEMBER  2018

The International Journal Communication is pleased to announce the publication of 52 papers in September 2018 including a Special Section on “Authoritarian Practices in the Digital Age” and a Special Section on “Mobilities, Communication, and Asia.”  To access these papers, please Ctrl+Click on the article titles below for direct linking, or go to to read the Special Sections.


Does Having a Political Discussion Help or Hurt Intergroup Perceptions? Drawing Guidance From Social Identity Theory and the Contact Hypothesis
Robert M. Bond, Hillary C. Shulman, Michael Gilbert

How to Conceptualize a Culture of Support Through “Language Plus” Presented at the Right Time to the Right Audience
Şermin Tekinalp

Mapping Communication Infrastructure Theory Onto Twitter: Network Integration and Neighborhood Storytelling
Zheng An, Luana Mendiola-Smith

Virtual Reality and the Syrian Refugee Camps: Humanitarian Communication and the Politics of Empathy
Bimbisar Irom

One Belt, Competing Metaphors: The Struggle Over Strategic Narrative in English-Language News Media
Jing Xin, Donald Matheson

Heterogeneity in Alternative Media Spheres: Oppositional Media and the Framing of Sectarianism in the Syrian Conflict
Yazan Badran, Kevin Smets

Face Value: Linking Nonverbal Cues to Character Traits in Impression Formation of Politicians
Danielle Kilgo, Trent R. Boutler, Renita Coleman

Immediacy Communication and Success in Crowdfunding Campaigns: A Multimodal Communication Approach
Tsfira Grebelsky-Lichtman, Gil Avnimelech

What Politicians Look For in the News and How That Affects Their Behavior: A Uses and Gratifications Approach to Political Agenda
Juho Vesa, Helena Blomberg, Christian Kroll, Peter Van Aelst

The Triumph of Social Privacy: Understanding the Privacy Logics of Sharing Behaviors Across Social Media
Zoetanya Sujon

Examining Effects of Informational Use of Social Media Platforms and Social Capital on Civic Engagement Regarding Genetically Modified Foods in China
Nainan Wen, Ran Wei

Digital Amplification of Fringe Voices: Alternative Media and Street Politics in Hong Kong
Yidong Wang

How Social Well-Being Is Affected by Digital Inequalities
Moritz Büchi, Noemi Festic, Michael Latzer

Public Diplomacy on Social Media: Analyzing Networks and Content
Efe Sevin, Diana Ingenhoff  

Gender Policing in Mainstream Hindi Cinema: A Decade of Central Female Characters in Top-Grossing Bollywood Movies
Subuhi Khan, Laramie Taylor 

Bane or a Device? Use of Stereotypic Content as a Method to Increase the Power of Mediated Communication
Miki Tanikawa

Exploring Risk Perception and Intention to Engage in Social and Economic Activities During the South Korean MERS Outbreak
Doo-Hun Choi, Dong-Hee Shin, Keeho Park, Woohyun Yoo

Mamfakinch: From Protest Slogan to Mediated Activism
Annemarie Iddins

Lega Nord and Anti-Immigrationism: The Importance of Hegemony Critique for Social Media Analysis and Protest
Cinzia Padovani

The Flip: Mobile Communication of North Korean Migrant Women During Their Journey to South Korea
Juhee Kang, Richard Ling, Arul Chib

Tweeting the Attack: Predicting Gubernatorial Candidate Attack Messaging and Its Spread
Jennifer Stromer-Galley, Feifei Zhang, Jeff Hemsley, Sikana Tanupabrungsun

“It’s Like Learning a Whole Other Language”: The Role of Algorithmic Skills in the Curation of Creative Goods
Erin Klawitter, Eszter Hargittai

Analyzing Spatialization in Newspapers’ Production: A Case Study of Guadalajara’s Daily Press
Juan S. Larrosa-Fuentes

“Banal” Europeanized National Public Spheres? Framing the Eurozone Crisis in the European Elite Press
Katharine Sarikakis, Asimina Koukou, Lisa Winter

The Strange Life and Death of the Fairness Doctrine: Tracing the Decline of Positive Freedoms in American Policy Discourse
Victor Pickard



The Limits of the Limits of the Law: How Useable Are DMCA Anticircumvention Exceptions?
Patricia Aufderheide, Aram Sinnreich, Joseph Graf



Jennifer A. Theiss, The Experience and Expression of Uncertainty in Close Relationships
Lingzi Zhong

Ethan Tussey, The Procrastination Economy: The Big Business of Downtime
Anastasia Kononova

Oscar Hemer and Thomas Tufte (Eds.), Voice + Matter: Communication, Development, and the Cultural Return
Hyun Tae (Calvin) Kim

Robert R. Foster and Heather A. Horst (Eds.), The Moral Economy of Mobile Phones: Pacific Islands Perspectives
Richard Ling 

Michael Bugeja, Interpersonal Divide in the Age of the Machine (2nd Edition)
Min Wang 

Aeron Davis (Ed.), The Death of Public Knowledge: How Free Markets Destroy Democracy
Niall P. Stephens

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Arlene Luck
Managing Editor     

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