IJoC Publishes 34 Articles in August


IJoC Publishes 34 Articles in August

The International Journal of Communication (IJoC) has published 34 papers in August 2016— including the Special Section on Communication Activism Research as well as the Special Section on Discussion, Dialogue, and Discourse in Action.


People are the Message? Social Mobilization and Social Media in Brazil
Gustavo Cardoso, Tiago Lapa, Branco Di Fátima

Welcome to the Club: From Multimodal Voluntary Participation to Community Involvement
Chih-Hui Lai, Wenhong Chen

Je Suis Charlie? The Framing of Ingroup Transgression and the Attribution of Responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo Attack
Nathan Walter, Stefanie Z. Demetriades, Ruthie Kelly, Traci K. Gillig

Theorizing Listening as a Tool for Social Change: Andrea Dworkin’s Discourses on Listening
Valerie Palmer-Mehta

Writing in the Margins: Mainstream News Media Representations of Transgenderism
Thomas J Billard

Navigating the Boundaries Between State Television and Public Broadcasting in Pre- and Post-Revolution Egypt
Rasha Abdulla

Doing “Authentic” News: Voices, Forms, and Strategies in Presenting Television News
Debing Feng

Institutional and Entrepreneurial Engagement in Commons-Based Peer Production
Rong Wang, Giorgos Cheliotis

Nonprofit Communication and Fundraising in China: Exploring the Theory of Situational Support in an International Context
Yue Zheng, Brooke Weberling McKeever, Linjia Xu

Producing Gendered Migration Narratives in China: A Case Study of Dagongmei Tongxun by a Local NGO
Siyuan Yin

Building Bridges, Filling Gaps: Toward an Integrative Interdisciplinary and Mixed Method Approach for Future Audience Research in Relation to the Mediation of Distant Suffering
Eline Huiberts

Resisting Censorship: How Citizens Navigate Closed Media Environments
Golnoosh Behrouzian, Erik C. Nisbet, Aysenur Dal, Ali Çarkoğlu

Freedom Train: Mobilizing Alternative Media
Patricia H. Audette-Longo

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s Online Campaign and Citizen Involvement in India’s 2014 Election
Kalyani Chadha, Pallavi Guha

Reassessing “Whose Story Wins:” The Trajectory of Identity Resilience in Narrative Contests
R. S. Zaharna

You an Opinion Giver, Seeker, or Both? Re-Examining Political Opinion Leadership in the New Communication Environment
Joo-Young Jung, Yong-Chan Kim

Perceiving Different Chinas: Paradigm Change in the “Personalized Journalism” of Elite U.S. Journalists, 1976–1989
Yunya Song, Chin-Chuan Lee

The Effects of Reader Comments on the Perception of Personalized Scandals: Exploring the Roles of Comment Valence and Commenters’ Social Status
Christian von Sikorski


Angela McRobbie, Be Creative: Making a Living in the New Cultural Industries
Lisa Henderson

Silas F. Harrebye, Social Change and Creative Activism in the 21st Century: The Mirror Effect
Ian Reilly

Markus Krajewski, World Projects: Global Information Before World War I (Electronic Mediations)
Maria Rikitianskaia

Helen Caple, Photojournalism: A Social Semiotic Approach
Debing Feng