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Review posted on by Tjeer Royaards, Dutch editorial cartoonist

In his [new] book, [Mr. Fish] describes cartoonists a ‘…a pest tasked with the mosquito-like responsibility of disrupting complacency…’.

This isn’t the first book that’s written about the power of cartoons. In 2013, we reviewed Victor Navasky’s The Art of Controversy, a review of controversial cartoons through the centuries. But the approach and scope of Warning are novel. Instead of using a chronological order, the author jumps back and forth through time. This approach is not only refreshing, it also allows the author more freedom to compare cartoons and artworks from different time periods. Mr Fish has also broadened the scope by broadening the definition of what he considers to be a political cartoon. His selection includes paintings, sculptures, poetry and even performance art.

Cartoons have, since their inception, been considered a form of ‘low art’ (if they were considered art at all), but in my opinion Mr. Fish is quite correct to put them on par with other art that makes a social statement. What the book succeeds in doing is to make us reflect on the nature of art, and the role of art in society. Mr. Fish focuses on the ability of art to upset the status quo, to mobilize people and to inspire change.

In a way, Warning is a guided tour through a museum full of unexpected surprises, its pages filled with art you had not seen before, and familiar art seen in a new light. Structured like a play with different acts, the book is interspersed with conversations with people such as Noam Chomsky and Art Spiegelman.

[WARNING! Graphic Content] is a worthy effort and certainly worthy of reading by anyone with a keen interest in art and society. There are not that many books that focus on political cartoons, and even less that do this as eloquently as Warning. Plus, you’ll find out why New Yorker cartoons suck.


Review posted on by Barrie, Wynnewood, PA

This book blew my mind… and was a real boot in the pants for me. Beyond educating me about the fascinating—and it turns out ancient—history of “editorial cartooning.” It inspired me to be less afraid to push the envelope with my own work. Really a unique book, with deliciously shocking visuals and commentary. If you’re interesting in how artists have spanked the status quo over the centuries, and continue to do so today, I would highly recommend Mr. Fish’s book.


Review posted on by Jaymes

A book like no other I’ve seen. A really outstanding piece of work. Part art, part political history, but ultimately call to arms for anyone interested in changing society to reflect the concerns of the many. A deep thinker with a literary talent that surprised me. Mr Fish is a voice and an artist sorely needed, and what a talent!. Courageous and discourteous to all the right people. And damn funny too.


Review posted on by Anon, Park Ridge, IL

I’m only a few pages into my first ebook  …Laughed too hard, spilled my tea, then broke my chair leaning back after the cleanup.  Buy it, but by all means, heed the WARNING and first secure the furniture. This book kicks.