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Review posted on by Julia Kiefaber, San Francisco

This book shines the light on a new era in marketing and communications – engaging the right audiences by providing content that is not only relevant to them but also shaped in an interactive and engaging way. Many brands around the globe now understand that turning consumers into brand advocates by putting them first and by serving their entertainment and content needs is really what differentiates successful brands in a noisy, overwhelming age. This book successfully brings the theory of transmedia storytelling – which is older than one might expect – to live by discussing current real-world examples of brands that we are surrounded by every day. If you want a fun and intriguing read that teaches you techniques that you can apply in your own marketing/communications profession, “Transmedia Branding” is for you and an absolute steal for this price!


Review posted on by Diane Blair, Ventura

The ways in which brands effectively connect with consumers has changed drastically over the past twenty years and as Transmedia Branding points out, the introduction of various technology platforms has created a demand for a change in the way companies deliver their brand message. Reaching a consumer market that is inundated and overstimulated and holding their attention now demands a very different type of marketing and brand strategy. The new approach, as this book so eloquently illustrates, involves an entertaining, non-linear story-telling that reaches across the various media streams to capture and engage the target consumer. This book is well-written, entertaining, innovative and informative. A must-read for anyone doing business in today’s world.


Review posted on by David K. Dunning, Boston

As a relative newcomer to the field, I was concerned that this book might be too academic or arcane for me. However, I was delighted to find that it was both accessible and engaging. The authors provide high level overviews and specific examples of branding efforts. There are concepts here that can actually be put to use by those trying to build a brand. I thoroughly recommend Transmedia Branding for anyone with an interest in the history or the future of the field.


Review posted on by Günter Grefen, Cologne, Germany

Thanks to the authors for this generally understandable written casebook! The authors show how stories on the consumer act and how companies can tell them professionally. Many practical examples illustrate how companies use the power of stories. In my opinion here are the essences of the book:

Wikipedia defines content strategy as “the planning, development and management of informational content—written or in other media.” The strategy of Transmedia Branding is to transfer the “right“ message to the right person at the right time and in the right place.

The question is: On what terms are you ready to supply?
The answer is: Transmedia Branding is the “better“ way of modern marketing.

It’s a well-known fact that classical advertising is a big waste at time and money. The point is not placing a colorful big and flashy logo or to mention a brands name a thousand times. Stories, told in a high-quality, emotional fashion with suspense and humor have a more profound effect on the mind than entertainment of the more “trivial“ kind. The best story has the power to influence our biyng patterns! Communicating on multiple media plattforms makes two leading actors alive and responsive: the brand (or the brand‘s product) and the consumer. Transmedia Branding is Social Media and today Social Media is THE people‘s media and the modern way to campaign for something – quite simply. Transmedia Branding is no longer a buzzword – it is the status quo of modern marketing!

The fact is: there is a responsive audience – and the audience is the consumer. “A good brand storyteller knows how to tell the story so that it’s true to the brand while creating an entry point for the consumer“, in the words of Dr. Pamela Rutledge, Director of the Media Psychology Research Center, Newport Beach, CA. Read her blog about what makes a brand story “Transmedia“

Another essence of the book? The possibilities of classical mass media are limited! Transmedia Branding makes the difference. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel – That‘s just how it is: Every imaginable media plattform has its benefit – for brands and consumers. And each medium does what it does best: see the movie, hear the OST, enjoy the video game or read the book, including the merchandising supply chain. You don’t need to have reading the novel to enjoy the movie or playing the video game, but don‘t forget: It always takes two to tango – and you are the guiding dancer! What comes next? Times are exciting – and we are a part of it!