Transmedia Branding

Transmedia Branding:
Engage Your Audience


eISBN: 9781625179067
Digital list price: $6.99
Length: 224 pages (estimated)
Published: August 1, 2015

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You’re either fully engaged with your audience or you’re irrelevant. The choice is yours.

What do Chipotle, The Matrix, Intel, Old Spice and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles branding and marketing experts know that you don’t? How have disruptive economics, consumerism, and spreadable media evolved the relationship between brands and their audiences?

We’ve heard it before—decreased barriers to entry, increased accessibility to technology, and the ability to virtually connect with experts around the globe have ignited a fiercely competitive battle for eyeballs. In this crowded media environment, how can brands create campaigns that people want to engage with and to share with others? What mistakes should be avoided?

In Transmedia Branding: Engage Your Audience, Burghardt Tenderich and Jerried Williams traverse the entertainment industry, technology sector, and consumer goods to show the timeless relevance of some of the most important contributors in marketing and communications: David Ogilvy, Edward Bernays, Philip Kotler, and Henry Jenkins. They provide a methodology for developing transmedia branding campaigns to engage audiences along with multiple case studies for further insight.

The e-book targets marketing and public relations practitioners, students, academics and anybody interested in the rapidly evolving world of marketing communications and public relations.

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