Piracy Cultures


Piracy Cultures:
How a Growing Portion of  the Global Population is Building Media Relationships Through Alternate Channels of Obtaining Content

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Length: 635 pages (estimated)
Published: August 7, 2013

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The launching point for Piracy Cultures, is that, when a very significant proportion of the population is building its mediation through alternative channels of obtaining content, such behavior should be studied in order to deepen our knowledge of media cultures. To characterize those cultures in all their diversity—but at the same time, in their commonplaceness—Manuel Castells calls it “Piracy Cultures.” By addressing the dimension of piracy cultures, the collection of articles in this e-book is to increase our understanding of the practices and cultural drives (both individual and collective—national cultures, generational cultures, etc.) of fruition and consumption of media (cinema, TV  series, music, books, games, etc.) under what is labeled, by both legal and managerial cultures, as piracy. Its aim is to give new insights into how those current practices might either evolve toward new institutionalized market practices and a changed perception of the law, or remain as counter-cultural movements, although ones shared by large portions of the population.

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