Internet Governance: The NETmundial Roadmap

InternetGovernanceNetMundial-cover art.FINALInternet Governance:
The NETmundial Roadmap

eISBN: 9781625176974
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Length: 218 pages (estimated)
Published: December 17, 2014

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“Following up on the promise of the NETMundial meeting, this timely and useful book explores the challenges of implementing its roadmap for the future of Internet governance.” — Milton L. Mueller, Professor, Syracuse University School of Information Studies, USA

Internet Governance: The NETmundial Roadmap explores key implications of the Global Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance held on April 23–24, 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil.  At the meeting, government, business, civil society, Internet technical community and academic participants from around the world agreed to a “NETmundial Multistakeholder Statement” that included a “Roadmap for the Future Evolution of Internet Governance.”  This volume brings together leading practitioners and scholars to explore the challenges of implementing the Roadmap’s section on institutional improvements, and was prepared for release and debate at September 2014 global Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul.  The 16 chapters are grouped into six sections: Overviews; Strengthening the Internet Governance Forum; Filling the Gaps; Improving ICANN; Broader Analytical Perspectives; and Moving Forward.

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